Los Angeles | 3 unique dining experiences in LA

Some people say Los Angeles’ gastronomy is at the same level as its film industry. Mainly, that’s because of all the cultures converging in the biggest city of the West Coast. From dining in the clouds to tasting in the dark, there are quite a few special gastronomic experiences to be had in LA. These are the most unique.

Trois Mec

There’s no “reservations” here. The restaurant sells tickets for parties of 2, 4, or 6 through their online booking site. Tickets are released every Friday morning at 10 AM PST, for a two-week period beginning 10 days after the release day. It may sound complicated, but dining at Trois Mec is certainly worth the upfront commitment—and compared to other prix-fixe menus, it’s a bit of a steal at just $85 per person. Plus, the meal itself is guaranteed to be one to remember; the globally-focused menu changes nightly according to the freshest ingredients available.



If there’s a hero behind the Japanese culinary scene in LA, it would be Niki Nakayama, pioneer, innovator, and all around badass – she even has an episode dedicated to her story on the Netflix show Chef’s Table.

A 26-seat dining room located in West Los Angeles behind an unassuming corner exterior, n/naka focuses on the practice of modern kaiseki. In practice, kaiseki focuses on a balance of taste, texture, and presentation on a carefully-curated menu—as Nakayama says, the purpose of this style of cooking is “highlighting natural flavors, presenting them in their purest way without over-complication and serving them how they were meant to be in their peak season.”

So what does a dining experience at n/naka look like? Guests can choose from two set tasting menus: Modern Kaiseki, a 13-course exploration of Nakayama’s unique take on this traditional philosophy, and a Vegetarian Tasting, based on seasonal ingredients. Wine pairings and sake pairings are also offered at an additional charge.


People say that you eat with your eyes first—but, what would happen if you couldn’t see the food that you were eating?

That’s the question answered at Opaque, the United States’ first “dining in the dark” experience—one that has experienced roaring success abroad, in cities like Berlin, Paris, and Vienna. In LA, Opaque is located within V Lounge in Santa Monica, and is available Thursday—Saturday. When visiting, guests will turn off their cell phones, be served blindly by a waiter, and dine completely in the dark, in an effort to heighten your sense of smell, touch, and sound by eliminating your sense of sight.

As for the food itself, each meal comes at a price point of $99 per person. Guests can choose from one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert, or opt for a “mystery” option where the chef will send out a surprise series of dishes. While the food isn’t necessarily the point here—it’s clear that the Opaque puts the emphasis is on the experience—it’s surely a meal you’ll never forget.

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