New York | Coney Island – A Timeless Gem

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New York City.  A spectacular city, buzzing with life. The bright lights, the buzzing sounds, the constant movement of people. There is an energy about the city that only folks who have been lucky enough to visit it can truly understand. With all its charm and allure, there are few places in the city where you can truly disconnect, refresh, and step away from all the noise and chatter.

One of those places is Coney Island. Nestled in Brooklyn, right along the shores of the Atlantic, Coney Island is a place like no other. Born first as a beach resort for the wealthy in the 1800’s, Coney Island has reinvented itself time and time again. At its peak in 1945, it became the largest amusement area in the United States. New Yorkers crowded the island on weekends to ride the carousel and Wonder Wheel, stroll down the boardwalk, taste 5 cent Nathan’s hotdogs, and lounge by the beach.

There is a particular wonder and charm about Coney Island that has captivated New Yorkers’ imagination for nearly 200 years. Though much of it has changed, it remains a place where those who love the old and classic can indulge and reminisce. Today, old time classics like the Wonder Wheel, Carousel, and Cyclone Rollercoaster and still around. Nathan’s Hotdogs still lines the boardwalk and there’s nothing quite like a hotdog and a coke on a scorching summer day. Other food favorites in the area include Dona Zita – a delicious Mexican stand with outstanding tacos and tropical drinks. There’s also Coney Island Brewery with tasty craft beer and craft hard soda. You just can’t go wrong!

To get there from Manhattan, hop on the Q line – Coney Island is the last stop. And it’s calling your name.

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