New York | Coney Island – A Timeless Gem

New York | Coney Island – A Timeless Gem In colaboration with Tomandmon’s blog ( New York City.  A spectacular city, buzzing with life. The bright lights, the buzzing sounds, the constant movement of people. There is an energy about the city that only folks who have been lucky enough to visit it can truly understand. With all its charm and allure, there are few places in the city where […]

Ibiza | Our top 4 beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza | Our top 4 beaches in Ibiza Ibiza has amazing beaches, and a lot of people wanting to visit them. So, our recommendation is to go soon in the morning and take advantage of the first hours of the day. Said that, this 4 beaches are always amazing and you’ll enjoy them no matter what. Promised! Cala Salada & Cala Saladeta Cala Salada gets pretty crowded in Summer, but […]

Miami | Villa Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Miami has a history, and you’ll love it Villa Vizcaya is one of the most amazing Miami’s piece of history. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a National Historic Landmark is located just outside Miami’s downtown district, and we can promise you Villa Vizcaya will make you feel like you’re in a different time and place. Vizcaya, was the winter residence of James Deering. The beautifully maintained 34-room mansion was built between […]

Ibiza | Ca n’Anneta

Ca n’Anneta. A town in Ibiza to stop the time. In the small town of Sant Carles de Peralta in Ibiza, you’ll find this authentic restaurant with terrace, known for its famous “Ibizan herbs”. In his letter, there are dishes such as Cuban rice with fried banana, homemade typical desserts, such as flaó or greixonera. Temporary art exhibitions hang on the walls of this ancient building that still serves as […]

Los Angeles | 3 unique dining experiences in LA

Los Angeles | 3 unique dining experiences in LA Some people say Los Angeles’ gastronomy is at the same level as its film industry. Mainly, that’s because of all the cultures converging in the biggest city of the West Coast. From dining in the clouds to tasting in the dark, there are quite a few special gastronomic experiences to be had in LA. These are the most unique. Trois Mec […]

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